Peter Gould

1) Marrakesh

2) Jerusalem

3) Cordoba

4) Damascus

5) Muscat

6) Istanbul

7) Mecca

8) Beirut

9) Granada

10) Fes

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Beeley Moor
photo © Steve Cordingley 2014  (genetic-disorder.tumblr.com)
Presented as part of our series Lensblr: Refocused


Beeley Moor

Presented as part of our series Lensblr: Refocused

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6 AM - Cascate del Toce - Italy

Fuji Xpro1 - 35mm 1.4

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A man sits with an umbrella during a rainstorm at Times Square in New York on July 15, 2014. (Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

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Alfred Eisenstaedt

Three Young Women Chatting in Cobbled Alleyway of Old Section of Salzburg

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André Kertész: Place Gambetta, Paris, 1929

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empty escalator on Flickr.

Judiciary Square Metro Station - Washington, DC
Nikon N90s
Kodak 400TX

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Nikola Tesla peaks out the door of the Colorado Springs laboratory, early summer 1899.

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Shadows at Red Square (by rockman525)

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Arissa: Shadow and Photographer Exhibition showing at the Fundación Telefónica

In the catalogues and the publicity, the stated theme of this year’s edition of PHotoEspana is Spanish photography. Implicitly, however, exhibition after exhibition are bound together by a deeper, less instantly definable theme. Whether in highlighting a lost piece of history, bringing an under-appreciated artist back into the public eye or shedding light on a corner where a shadow has fallen, we come to feel that this festival is dedicated to unearthing and celebrating the work of artists who deserve a happier fate than silent, forgotten oblivion.

No single exhibition embodies this better than Arissa: Shadow and Photographer. The exhibition tells the story of Antoni Arissa (Sant Andreu 1900 – Barcelona 1980), an avant-garde Spanish photographer who worked at the forefront of the Spanish artistic establishment before disappearing (almost irretrievably) into obscurity in 1936. 

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'Soul of Seoul'

Majang-dong, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2010

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