More polaroids. (Image of me taken by Bijan Sabet.)

California | 2014

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L’allée de la Robertsau dans les années 30.

Crédits photo : Archives de Strasbourg

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Donbas, Ukraine. Known for its various coal mines, is considered home to some of the most hazardous working conditions in the world. And yet, coal mining serves as the only source of income for many families receiving tax support from the government.

While most of the mining projects operate under the government, a recent rise of illegal mining has begun to spread across the region to pursue efficiency and increase profit. While creating millions of dollars in revenue, working hours upon hours under exposed coal dust and methane can take a debilitating toll on the workers’ personal safety.

Toronto-based photographer Valeriya Myronenko documents critical working and living conditions for both government and illegal workers in Donbas.

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My name is Michael Hiatt. I am a freelance photographer in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m interested in documentary and street photography - images and people that tell a story. I shoot mostly Black and White with a a Canon 5DMII and Fuji X100S.



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One of the answers to the topic: Visually stunning math concepts which are easy to explain at Mathematics Stack Exchange.

I think if you look at this animation and think about it long enough, you’ll understand:

  • Why circles and right-angle triangles and angles are all related
  • Why sine is opposite over hypotenuse and so on
  • Why cosine is simply sine but offset by pi/2 radians
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Tree and Cloud ,shot with a toy camera the holga

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The Clink

I couldn’t resist this shot i was on my way back to my hotel after i had been to shoot Tower Bridge at dawn ,when i passed this guy having a morning walk or was he on his way home after  a night  out ? the light in the alley was perfect for a mysterious shot.

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Dimitri Messinis

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Mustang, the last Tibet

Upper Mustang (in Tibetan: “fertile plain”) is the former Kingdom of Lo and today part of north-east Nepal bordering China on the Himalayas.

Upper Mustang is also known as a “Tibet outside the Tibetan Border”. It resisted the Chinese invasion and it has been the base for the C.I.A. financed guerrilla against China during the sixties. The last King reigned until 2008, and he still lives in Lo Manthang. Being absolutely forbidden to foreigners until 1992 and still very difficult to enter nowdays, the Mustang is also one of the very last Tibet enclaves because it has managed to preserve original Tibetan culture and buddhism practically untouched since the middle age. More.

Filippo Mutani.


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The Intricate, Beautiful Patterns of Civilization Seen From Above

umans love to tease signals from noise. We see a man in the moon, Mother Mary in a piece of toast, Lady Luck in a winning run at the casino. Alex MacLean deftly plays to this tendency in his stunning aerial photos that reveal patterns in seemingly mundane things.

MacLean leans from the window of an airplane to snap tightly arranged photos of urban, industrial and wild environments. The vantage point is low enough to make out the people and places on the ground, but high enough to see their organization within the broader landscape. His photos provide our appetite for patterns several layers of interpretation to chew on, while exploring the impact of things like urban sprawl, pollution and resource extraction.

“Through sort of abstract and engaging patterns, those things will draw people into it, and hopefully think about these issues,” he says. “It really is about combining art and information. Some of it is sort of subliminal–you can’t quite put your finger on it but it sort of draws you in and engages you.”

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Ibiza Spain ca.1960 

Photo: Francesc Catala Roca 

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